[Warning: Non-anything/game related post]

Yes that feeling, after all this time i realized it yeah. I was that one, so its a diff form of happiness. I dont give a damn and will take all the time in the world for that one instance of acceptance. Anyway no one will get this post apparently lol, but still this is the best way i put how i feel today.

yeah im just happy in a sense, that simple sense.

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Im Aidan, also known as Maki, Toyoman and Straightener [sGE] to most. Im a simple person, into gaming, music and all that weaboo shet. Enjoy reading my blog and downloading my uploads!


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Grando Espada Info:
Family Name: Lunetia
Family Level: 49+3

Family Name: Teroh
Family Level: 31+3

Faction: Lunatique
Leader: Lunetia

Current Actives:
4 Families

Equip/Raid Roles:

- Main Tank
- sub/main-Phys Dps
- sub Magi Dps

- Sub-Tank
- Phys Dps

- Afker (Lololol)
- Phys Dps (melee)

-A Jack of All Trades
-Most low-end equipped person